Hey, I Make Apps!


A month from today your business could be just another 30 days older - or your business could be converting more customers, and proactively boosting brand engagement through mobile. You decide.

Who am I?

Hey, I'm Michael and I love working with mobile apps, and meeting new people! I founded my consultancy after a long stint as a freelancer, working with amazing people and making a positive impact on their business.

How can I help you?

I help business owners launch effective consumer-focused apps that grow their business and increase brand engagement.
I focus on a streamlined process to help you test your product, boost your marketing, and reach your customer sooner.

Where can you start?

Hit the link above, and get in contact with me. Want to learn something new? Subscribe to my email list - I write at least 1 actionable piece each fortnight. Want to write me an email, or ask me something? Hit me up at michael@heyimakeapps.com. I can't wait to hear from you!


My Brand Champions.


I work closely together with you throughout the entire journey, one-on-one.

No product managers, development teams, accounts department, or outsourced help from overseas.

I carefully understand the purpose of what you’re trying to create, analyse how you can effectively enter the mobile market with a laser-focused strategy - then help you deliver it.

Here are some of my happy clients.

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