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Founded by Michael Tigas in 2019 Hey, I Make Apps! was created to focus on two main goals;

  • Guide businesses to have a strong and positive impact when they move into the mobile market for the first time, and

  • Continue to help businesses boost their customer engagement through mobile after they have launched to market.

We are professionals in consulting about creating mobile apps for businesses.

Michael Tigas

About Michael

It all started when I was finishing the final year of my degree, and the appeal of actually creating something which people can interact with on their smartphones completely blew me away.

At the end of the year, I was offered a position at my university’s “Software Innovation Lab”, which focused on working with startups and creating MVPs for them.

I then had a choice to make; take up a 9-5 graduate position with a corporate company, or continue working with startups at the innovation lab and build their mobile stack, while they attract more customers and funding. You could tell which gig sounded way more exciting!

Over the next two years the startup, unfortunately, didn't work out but I had taken away more than just "knowing how to build an app", and was strongly motivated to freelance and continue building upon that business, marketing, and growth perspective.

Now I'm focusing on sharing my broad knowledge about how much strategy plays a part before you get to designing and launching an app, and even after you’ve launched it; to people and businesses that are interested about mobile apps and how they can adapt them to help them grow.

I hope Hey, I Make Apps, will help business' create more opportunities to grow their brand through mobile, and educate people on how to focus their efforts to reach the outcome they desire.

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