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 I Know The Pilot

I Know The Pilot had a very unique situation as their key offering was mostly dependent on the quality of global flight and hotel deals being discovered daily.

Understanding this, we helped them take advantage of this and focused on how they could engage their current customers more effectively and boost the organic discovery of the platform as they explored expanding to overseas markets.

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Where things were at.

Since 2016, I Know The Pilot has been helping people find cheap airfare and hotel deals through their website, email newsletter, and mobile app.

After being first to market with an app in Australia, competition quickly grew in this space and made the company review its approach to mobile and how they could continue to capitalise on the growing popularity of cheap flight discovery.


What happened next?

With an initial rudimentary approach for their mobile efforts, there was plenty of low-hanging fruit to address. I first helped them drive the complete overhaul of their mobile platform to improve the visual perception of their service, and then apply various tactics piggy-backing off their content delivery of content to solidify their reliability and grow their organic mobile reach.

This lead to a very successful exponential growth result in the Australian market, and helped set the stage for expansion into the New Zealand and USA markets soon-after.

The Outcome

The original I Know The Pilot app was re-launched from the ground up that focused on 3 primary goals;

  • strongly increase the reliability of delivering flight and hotel deals as soon as they're published (especially important for deals that last mere minutes)

  • deliver content curated to user location, and strike a balance of making sure they're not overloaded with irrelevant deals

  • implement an effective UX strategy that boosts the efficiency of booking deals, and then encourage further exploration of other deals

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The re-brand catapulted I Know The Pilot's growth by a staggering 300% after the first year, and has re-enforced their perception as the "go-to" for finding cheap domestic and international flights, and hotel deals in Australia.

The success of this lead them to expand into the New Zealand and USA markets, where they're currently building a strong reputation within.


I Know The Pilot


“Michael’s combination of expertise and enthusiasm helped us rearchitect our mobile platform and expand into overseas markets.
As a result I Know The Pilot continues to experience strong growth, and we’ve seriously appreciated his help and the ideas he’s brought to the table.”

Garth Adams - Director of I Know The Pilot

Garth Adams, Director of I Know The Pilot

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