Hey, I Make Apps!



YogaMate's existing website, which doubled as a content creation platform, was primarily optimised for desktop, leaving mobile users to struggle with a poor UX.

I helped them take their most popular feature from their website and create a mobile app experience around it, then launch two products that target yoga professionals and yoga students.

I Know The Pilot had a very unique situation as their key offering was mostly dependent on the quality of global flight and hotel deals being discovered daily.

Understanding this, we helped them take advantage of this and focused on how they could engage their current customers more effectively and boost the organic discovery of the platform as they explored expanding to overseas markets.

Blackhawk Network enables staff members within a company to nominate their colleagues for a positive workplace contribution, through their employee recognition platform.

After identifying mobile as a significant way to grow their product, I was able to help them design and create a recognition tool that was successfully received and is actively used.