"Hey, we need an app, can you help us out? Oh, and how much will it cost?"

Businesses have asked me this exact question when they’re sparking interest in moving into mobile apps and how it’ll help grow their business.

But after working together, they've successfully launched their app(s) with an outcome-focused strategy that's saved them time and money, dramatically helped grow their business, and empowered them to continue adding 🙂's to more faces every day.


“Michael has been a real pleasure to work with. He helped focus our customer reach through the app, and boost its usability. With his help, our monthly engagement increased by over 300% in less than a year, which has seriously helped expand our business globally.”

Garth Adams, Director, I Know The Pilot


The hidden cost of creating a mobile app

After working together with many companies across various markets to create a mobile app, it’s quite common for businesses to have an expectation it’d follow something like this;

The hidden cost of creating a mobile app - example 1

This might look reasonable, but you’re not fully thinking outside the box. Why?

You’re focusing your attention around building and launching the app, and not leveraging the impact it’ll make for your business, and how you can grow from it.

Creating a plan to create an app, is not a proper strategy. That’s just building a nice big box, slapping your brand on the front, shipping it off to the App Store, and a lot of time wasted.

“What should my plan be focused on?”

If you consider a plan and purpose to serve your customers in the best way possible and create a stronger relationship with them, you won’t have any trouble answering these questions that most businesses scratch their head when asked;

  • How do you know what you’re creating is actually what your customers need?

  • How do you know your customers will actively use it?

  • How will it add value to your business, and positively move the needle over time?

The hidden cost of creating a mobile app - example 1

Following these steps closely and sticking to the plan enables you to;

  • form a laser-focused, holistic strategy focused on the outcome - by putting the needs of your business ahead of imagination and cool ideas

  • create a product that will be delivered sooner, with a cheaper overhead - by not wasting time working on things that aren't in line with your strategy and the outcome

  • effectively market your product well before launching it - so you can build hype, and tie your message to the clear, well-defined purpose of the project.

You’ll be creating a plan to earn back on the time and energy you’ve invested.

The businesses I worked with realised this. And they took action.

Presenting, the Hey, We Need An App! workshop

Hey, We Need An App! is a 1-on-1 workshop that prepares you to enter the mobile app market before you jump in the deep end.

Your workshop will be tailored specifically to your business, where you’ll be given critical insight to the challenges you’ll face and be prepared with a clear actionable roadmap on how your mobile app can have a positive impact on your brand, and how to maintain that.

Forget about general advice. This is all about how your business can make the most of this opportunity.

Ann Marie Johnston, Director, YogaMate

I was totally lost when it came to creating a mobile app. Michael helped me work through how I could take my most popular feature and create a yoga therapy app around it. After our successful launch I was surprised we made back our investment within a few months! I seriously enjoyed the energy Michael brought to the table and will recommend him whenever I get the chance.

Ann Marie Johnston, Director, YogaMate


How to get your Hey, We Need An App! workshop

  1. Apply below

    Send me your contact details below, and I'll respond with a few questions about your business and the outcome you're looking for.

    I've made this as simple as possible since I know it can be a little daunting reaching out for help.

  2. Introduce me to your business

    After we've connected, I'll send through some questions to get to know you and your business a little better, to see if I can help you out.

  3. Let's catch up

    I'll send you an invite to lock in a 30-minute phone consultation, where we'll dive in and explore the outcome you're looking for.

    This is about you and your business. You'll talk and I'll listen.

  4. I’ll go and do my research

    If we’re both a good fit, I'll take the time to research your business and the market you’re looking to enter. Based on the brief you’ve given me, I’ll create a plan for what ground-work needs to be done first, and the various approaches we can take to reach that desired business outcome.

    I won't take on a project that won't seriously benefit from my help.

  5. Our Workshop

    We’ll immediately get started with our workshop; in person, or over a Zoom video conference, where I'll present my findings and recommendations to you, and how we can have the outcome do what you want to achieve from the perspective of your business.

    I'll also let you in on the various strategic and design decisions I've applied to companies in the past that'll give you a leg up.

    No messing around, only awesome content! 🙂

  6. Your actionable report, so you can get started!

    After our super fun and energetic workshop, you'll receive an actionable report tailored to our discussion and findings from the workshop, that will form the direction of your mobile strategy.

    The report will include actionable steps and a roadmap of what you'll need to focus on; strategic direction, design challenges, technical challenges and its scope of involvement, how you can start building hype, and highlighted red flags that’ll help you avoid costly problems down the track.

Is the Hey, I Need An App! workshop for me?

If you understand the importance that strategy and planning play in the success of creating and then marketing a new product in unfamiliar territory, then yes, this workshop is for you.

How much does this cost?

Currently, the Mobile Blueprint workshop is priced at $997 AUD.

Are you ready to get the most out of this opportunity?

You'll be able to apply the roadmap yourself, take it to some agency, or look for a cheaper mobile app developer. They've had all the hard work done for them!

Or hopefully you'll choose to continue working with me, and I'll send you a proposal, execute the blueprint, and help you launch your product - with plenty of fun and excitement!

This will be the best and most important investment you'll make for your business.

A month from today your business could be just another 30 days older - or your business could be converting more customers, and proactively boosting brand engagement through mobile.
You decide.

You're just one step away from kickstarting an exciting new journey for your business. I know you're ready.


Who’s behind this product?

Michael Tigas

Hey I'm Michael and I'm the founder of Hey, I Make Apps! I founded my consultancy after working as a freelancer creating apps for various startups and businesses over the last five years, helping them grow into successful mobile brands.

So much has changed in the market over time but plenty remains the same, and my goal is to help businesses create more opportunities through mobile that lead to strong and positive outcomes for them.

Meet me on Twitter!