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YogaMate's existing website, which doubled as a content creation platform, was primarily optimised for desktop, leaving mobile users to struggle with a poor UX.

I helped them take their most popular feature from their website and create a mobile app experience around it, then launch two products that target yoga professionals and yoga students.

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Where things were at.

YogaMate was created in 2016 to empower yoga professionals and students around the world. As the subscription-based platform had been originally optimised for desktop users, they conceded it'd be difficult to continue growing without embracing the efficiency and simplicity that mobile provides.

A survey was distributed to subscribers asking what their most favourite features were and why, with a majority of responses highlighting the ability to search for health concerns, and understand how to best approach them. This feature hadn’t been specifically marketed before, and it wasn’t already offered in the mobile market either, but it turned out to be one of their most favourite.

This made it the perfect starting point to explore a move into the mobile market.


What happened next?

The goal for this project was twofold;

  • make searching for health concerns very easy to use and accessible for people on-the-go (yoga professionals during a class),

  • tie in a yoga therapist directory tool for students and people not too familiar with yoga/yoga therapy to find nearby therapists.

We worked together with YogaMate to develop a strategy to realise these two goals, and then execute it to design and create two products targeting these key areas.

The Outcome

Two mobile apps were launched; an upfront paid utility targeting the yoga professionals market, and a free utility targeting yoga students and the general public.


Yoga Therapeutics Pro for professionals focused on three key areas;

  • the ability to search a health concern and get immediately actionable advice and yogic practices to help remedy, but also caution against and further physical harm,

  • the ability to search for yogic practices and categories, and dive deep with detailed information and recommendations surrounding the respective practice,

  • provide access to resources aimed at empowering professionals to grow their careers and help their students.

Yoga For Better Health for students and people new to yoga therapy focused on three key areas;

  • the ability to search for yogic practices and categories and dive deep, just like Yoga Therapeutics Pro,

  • the ability to search for and get in contact with nearby yoga therapists, with expertise in an area of interest

  • provide access to educational resources to teach students and the general public about yoga therapy, its benefits, and inform them about upcoming events related to yoga therapy.

Yoga Therapeutics Pro App Image 1
Yoga Therapeutics Pro App Image 2
Yoga For Better Health App Image 1

What was a really lovely surprise for YogaMate (and us!) was the overwhelmingly positive feedback received for the tool, which largely helped bolster the popularity of the inaugural "Global Yoga Therapy Day", and lead to a fast return on investment within a few short months - a testament to an effective combined mobile and marketing strategy.


Yoga Therapeutics Pro


Yoga For Better Health


"When you come to the party with additional ideas, and genuine enthusiasm for what you do, it's really unique. The fact that Michael can do strategy, can do design, and can code is such a unique skillset. It by far makes the process much easier."

Ann Marie Johnston - Director of YogaMate

Ann Marie Johnston, Director of YogaMate

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